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opinions: dual illuminated RMR with or w/o BUIS

hey guys,
i have g32C is currently arriving at Mark Housels place today to install a trijicon RM05 dual illuminated rmr.....I'm not a fan of electronics which is why i opted for something that would work without me worrying about batteries/failures....anyway, i'm still debating on whether or not to install reasoning is that I don't feel that i have to worry about the RMR failing and that the BUIS might clutter my sight picture a bit when looking at the RMR....i've googled plenty of rmr sight pics to try to make up my mind....

my question is: how hard is it to actually acquire the dot once you draw your weapon? do you feel that it's more difficult without BUIS? if it sn't as easy as i imagine, then i probably will add BUIS just or that reason, but i'd rather keep things simple if possible....

any input is greatly appreciated....
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