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Originally Posted by Gunhaver View Post
If PA believed in evolution more than 95% then he might understand what all those cannabinoid receptors are doing in the human GI tract. Or maybe god put them there. Either way, there they are.

Good advice on the juicer. I'm kind of a fruit bat myself so I think we'll give that a try. Edit: Dang, I just checked out the Breville Elite. I might have to stave off my reloading press for that.
Yeah, I don't know how many Elites they make but the 800JEXL was the one I found to be the best overall rated the best. You can toss a whole apple in the damn thing without having to cut it or core it. Just pull of the stem and toss it in.

There are Juice recipes for just about anything. But I highly recommend the green juice recipes. (kale, spinach, chard, parsley, seaweed, cucumber, celery, ginger, and then add lime, green apple, and pear to sweeten it up a bit.) It'll detox you and give you so many vitamins and minerals you'll feel 20 again.

It's like drinking pure energy. I have one for lunch and one after my work out (when your body is most receptive to nutrients) It's way better for you than cooked veggies. Also look into Spirulina... great natural source of protein that isn't as hard as meat to break down (For those with stomach issues).

Easy on the kale and seaweed though for those with sensitive stomachs. They can be a bit rough.

If you have a smartphone... there are apps with recipes and breakdowns by what the juice recipe is for (Energy, metabolism, ect)... real handy when shopping for ingredients at the store. Pretty much tells you everything you need to pick up.

Oh and don't add hemlock or rattle snake venom to your recipes. I don't think your stupid as someone else apparently does. But there is an on going resistance from the medical field to health via nutrition... takes money out of their pocket. They like to sell pills.

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