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Originally Posted by scottyd2506 View Post
I bought one of those 20 lb springs and I like it. Shooting full power 357 sig loads from my Glock 32 with the stock spring seemed to SLAM back the slide on recoil. esp the new underwood 125 gold dot 1500 fps loads.
This puts excessive wear on a gun. the 20 lb spring cures that.

I only put maybe dozen rounds trough it with stock spring. You can tell a difference when you pull slide back.
I haven't shot any hyped .357sig ammo except for some 2007-version of Double Tap that may or may not live up to stated velocity figures, but I do know that every range and premium JHP ammo I've shot after installing the Wolff #20 RSA system is much more manageable than with the stock Glock RSA assembly. I understand that Underwood's published figures are the real deal so if you've moderated the recoil with the #20 spring then we've got another testimonial for the heavier assembly.

It just hasn't made any sense to me why Glock uses a standard 18# spring for 9mm, .40S&W, and .357sig. Instinctively I feel that .40S&W and .357sig should have a heavier spring load than 18# as standard issue.
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