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2nd Generation G19 serial number project

MD750US - G19 - 2nd generation - 1990 approximate date of manufacture. (Prior to the Desert Storm Commemorative)
I sold it in 2012 with approximately 30,000 rounds fired. The pistol was factory stock (not even the 6-part update) with magazines to match. Nearly flawless lifetime operation.
It is a 2 pin gun. The grip left side has the Glock logo. The finger gaurd left side has a "19". The slide left side is engraved "Glock 19 AUSTRIA 9X19". The grip right side has "US Pat xxxxxx" and "GLOCK, INC., SMYRNA, GA.". The slide right side has a small Glock logo and "MD750US". The barrel right side has "MD750US 9X19" and a small Glock logo. The serial number plate has "MD750 US".
I have found very little info on the MD prefix, so I hope this helps.

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