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Originally Posted by flw View Post
I went to there main page which is suppose to have there "specials". Most but not all of the specials were also out but you had to look deeper to find out.

I wish they would make it easier to determine if a product is out or not. i.e. If you go to their 9mm luger page, you still have to go to each product to see if its out or not. They could just mod the 9 luger page for which ones are out. Then I only have to lookup my calibers, not every product in that caliber.

I used to do this thing for a living so it is not that hard. Literally a few minutes for whole product line, especially when most is still out.

FYI, when you click on a caliber, scroll down all the caliber types. If the tab for "quantity" is there and has a "1" in it, that round is in stock.

I think they are doing what you are asking for.
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