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Originally Posted by Blast View Post
For once a sensible post.
I have long been an advocate of nutrition and herbal supplements for enhancing health.

Those interested can do some research here.
Thanks, I'll give it a look see.

Nutrition and herbs are no substitute for professonal medical help for serious conditions. However, they are suitable for minor ailments and some serious conditions can be prevented by nutrition and herbs.
I agree that people should often consult their Primary Care Physician. However I'm learning that the human body has an impressive ability to heal itself of all but the worst illnesses when you give it the tools it needs via good healthy nutrition. Most of the crap we buy in boxes and bags at the grocery store and most certainly anything you buy at an average restaurant or fast food box is nothing but enriched white flower, high fructose corn syrup, granulated sugar, MSG, and a arsenal of oils, fats, and preservatives that poison the body. People eat a mountain of food that has zero nutritional value. To use a very accurate quote "We're over fed but starving to death." Even "Diet" food is bad for you.

They aren't definitive proof of anything but I found them interesting to watch and full of great information. If you have netflix or the like... "Food Matters" and "Hungry for Change" are two great films about the benefits of eating raw fruits and vegetables.
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