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Quote From a Sam Spade Response above:

.....your quote above shows that you really don't understand how things work, and for some reason are adopting an attitude that is distinctly un-American.

(Snip of quote - see full post above)

Quotes from Gallium Responses above:

Here is my opinion:

Don't start threads lacking in facts, with a shallow understanding of the law as it applies to deadly force for where the issue has taken place, soliciting a discussion and then turn tail to say you are done playing when your REAL education begins.
All of #1 above was meant in a respectful tone as if you were sitting across a desk from me.


Statement by Sam Spade and Response by Gallium from posts above:


You might have said so. What else have you left out?


Nothing important....

(Snips of quotes - see full posts above for clarity)


As you will see if you read the entire thread, I said there may be other things in the Texas law other than just the Deadly Force statute I cited that do allow for pursuit.

Both of these members focused on the Texas incident in their responses when I said numerous times that the point of the post was to generate a discussion of when you can use Deadly Force, not to discuss the Texas Incident.

I contributed to the misunderstanding by quoting Texas Penal Code on Deadly Force and pursuit of a fleeing felon, (but I also said there may be other points of local law that allowed pursuit.)

Later, after previously trying to disconnect the Texas incident from the reason for the post, I said that I regretted having ever used the Texas case as a lead-in for the discussion and said to have done so was my bad.

None of this seems to have made any difference to these two members.

So, since this thread has degenerated into an uncivil, personalized discussion, here is my response.

Sam Spade and Gallium are Lifetime Member and Charter Lifetime Member of this board respectively.

I am a newbie. But being a newbie means I have read the rules of this board recently and all members are supposed to treat one another with respect.

You can't disparage someone, intentionally phrasing a response in a way that does not disguise your contempt for them, and then say you "mean it in the nicest possible way" (Sam Spade) or you "mean it as respectfully as if you were sitting across the desk from me" (Gallium).

Both of them crossed the line and disregarded the spirit and rules of the board.

Refute errors so all of us can learn. But do it without sarcasm and personal attack.
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