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Originally Posted by Cavalry Doc View Post
Where's the problem again?
The problem is that in every thread in which you participate, that thread ceases to be about the original topic and becomes mired in this nonsense of word parsing, selective definitions, unfounded accusations, and strawman intellectual dishonesty where you consistently mischaracterize the statements of others.

When you are not here, there are some heated discussions, but at least they stay on the general topic of religion. Sometimes, I even learn something new and useful from the other side. That doesn't happen in any thread once you start posting to it. This is an open forum and you are certainly free to do so, but you bring down the quality of discourse here substantially.
CavDoc: "If you have to pretend that a person with a different opinion has an opinion other than his own in order to score points in an argument, you've forfeited any points that you pretended to have."
CavDoc: "You consider yourself as non-religious, and I consider you a religious zealot."

JBnTX: "Freedom of religion doesn't mean you can worship any God, anyway you see fit or not even worship any God if you so choose. [...] Christianity should be the only religion protected under the constitution, and congress shall make no law restricting its practice."

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