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Originally Posted by Gunhaver View Post
This video gives a huge amount of evidence for how it could happen naturally. There is absolutely no reason to assume that life cannot come about without supernatural means. How many other complex chemical interactions do we not fully understand yet? Why don't we hold those unknown phenomena up as holy?

Assuming we should have this figured out by now is assuming that we know every single way the elements can interact with each other and there are no new chemistry discoveries to be made.

Jack Szostak (Harvard/HHMI) Part 1: The Origin of Cellular Life on Earth - YouTube

Sounds more like a lot of hypothysis, short on evidence.

Just because something can happen, doesn't mean it did. It's possible that all the building blocks came together in just the right amounts with interdependent processes, structures and organnelles already made. That selective gateways in relatively remote areas of the cell were actively ensuring that other beneficial proteins, electrolytes and fluid are all in the right place and the entire structure is all working in harmony to achieve homeostasis, an ability to reproduce, and adapt. Yes, it's possible it all just sort of happened.

Also, since we are getting close to creating new life (allegedly), and I'm sure that is being done with a plan and under carefully controlled situations, not just throwing bowls of primordial soup on the ground to see if it walks. Once that happens, wouldn't you have to consider that it's possible that the first living organism on earth was made with a plan too? You know, designed by an inteligence.

What do you think?
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