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Originally Posted by Geko45 View Post
The problem is that in every thread in which you participate, that thread ceases to be about the original topic and becomes mired in this nonsense of word parsing, selective definitions, unfounded accusations, and strawman intellectual dishonesty where you consistently mischaracterize the statements of others.

When you are not here, there are some heated discussions, but at least they stay on the general topic of religion. Sometimes, I even learn something new and useful from the other side. That doesn't happen in any thread once you start posting to it. This is an open forum and you are certainly free to do so, but you bring down the quality of discourse here substantially.

Gek, you and the boys can't have it both ways. When I ignore your off topic ad Homs, I'm suposedly dodging a very important point. When I answer them, I'm now dragging the thread off topic.

For example, the post quoted above is virtually useless to the topic of the thread. I wasn't even talking to you.

If you want to stay on topic, then do so. I don't think you can. You'll impress me if you can. Try it and we'll see how you do.

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