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Originally Posted by Gunhaver View Post
I don't see a problem (aside from that Hoyle's fallacy stunt you tried to pull off).

Apparently you have a problem with me asking 36 to clarify on something I wasn't recalling entirely. He doesn't follow all of our spats and I don't follow all of yours. Much of the time when you're posting back and forth with him I skim over a lot of it because it makes me a little uncomfortably embarrassed for you.

Yeah, think about how highly I think of you and then try to wrap your head around the concept of me feeling sorry for how foolish you can be to the point where I can't even watch. I should be savoring every moment.
It's really pointless to talk to the guy. He really probably thinks he's bested us all and is in the complete right and has been unfairly treated by everyone here because of that fact. It's this delusional reality where he's always right, everyone in opposition to him is wrong, and his is the superior intellect. When someone is that much in love with themselves, intellectually dishonest, and unwilling to see what's really going on around them to the point of looking mentally ill... you just gotta ignore them.

But Geko is right. Every single thread he participates in turns into a steaming pile of poo and flies right off the tracks. I looked back a little. Most of the threads you and I have posted in in the last month in this forum... he's shown up right behind us to try and stir up crap. He's just a troll. We really should just never respond to the guy at all. He brings ZERO to the table. He just wants attention.
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