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Originally Posted by Gunhaver View Post
I don't see a problem (aside from that Hoyle's fallacy stunt you tried to pull off).

Apparently you have a problem with me asking 36 to clarify on something I wasn't recalling entirely. He doesn't follow all of our spats and I don't follow all of yours. Much of the time when you're posting back and forth with him I skim over a lot of it because it makes me a little uncomfortably embarrassed for you.

Yeah, think about how highly I think of you and then try to wrap your head around the concept of me feeling sorry for how foolish you can be to the point where I can't even watch. I should be savoring every moment.
It's a lot easier to dismiss if you are unable to think of it as anything but a fallacy. It's a good way to put a padlock on a closed mind.

As there has been no proof of it just happening, or being designed, seems to me an open minded guy would evaluate both sides of the question until an irrefutable truth became known.

We are still learning how exactly cells work. It's not just the structure, which requires relatively distant cooperation among the physical components, it's the chemical and metabolic pathways necessary to maintain homeostasis.

Click on the link above, there are two links at the bottom of that page, peruse those for a while.

To see all of that, and simply dismiss all possibilities other than it just happened by chance is one of the main reasons that I believe it takes faith to truly believe that there has never been anything more highly evolved than humans on this planet. Really, if you think you know, you're kidding yourself.

Come to think of it, watch that video later tonight too.

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