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Originally Posted by Lone Wolf8634 View Post
Ya know, debating religion is a fun intellectual exercise.

Listening (reading) to you guys fight....... not so much.

Really, whether CD's a real Doctor or not (and I will admit, I've never heard him claim to be so) is a silly point to get stuck on, when theres so much more thats worthwhile to disagree with him about.

And unfortunately this thread has dissolved into a pissing match.
They know that. It's a lame attempt to get under my skin. I inactivated that particular button a long long time ago. I do run into people that have no clue what a PA is. It's no problem. I run into people that do stuff all the time that I had no clue needed to be done. None of us is completely aware of every possible profession in the world.

Yeah, it's a pissing match. For the most part, all I have to do is feed rope and watch them display evidence of ignorance and poor upbringing.

If they'd catch a clue at how silly they look, we would be back on topic in no time.

But if you would like to have an on topic discussion, post 189 is an attempt to get back on track, well, mostly.

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