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Originally Posted by SgtScott31 View Post
I don't necessarily agree with this. While I don't research every use of force statute from every state, I find it hard to believe that many states allow you to use deadly force involving a felony where force is used by the suspect. ...

In most states, statutes/laws allow for use of deadly force to terminate/thwart a kidnapping, rape or sodomy of a minor.

In many states deadly force is permissible to thwart a robbery subsequent to a break in of a domicile.

In some states, the disparity of force is a consideration, and in some other states, so long as the VICTIM can conclusively ("reasonableness standard") express that he or she was in grave fear of his/her life, deadly force is permissible.

What is so hard to believe about those things I've outlined?

I find it hard to believe that you're approaching the subject in such a narrow, focused way.

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