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Originally Posted by jdsumner View Post
MRI results show herniated, extruded disc. Left side, L4/L4. Fluctuates between mindblowing pain down sciatica, and numbness on bottom of left foot and toes.
Did this once already, same disc, resulted in laminectomy/discectomy in Jan of '07. Went w/ traditional open back neuro surgery. Just trying to see if there is a better path.

My back and neck look like an errector set from the many, many times I have been knocked around on the job. Of course, they find a way to weasle out of it, so I end up on my own dime on my own time. If I was in the military, I would probably be medically retired by now. They are usually cooler about that sort thing on the other side of the house. So, pain and I are constant companions.

I am sorry you went for the the operative route right away, I have been avoiding it at all costs. As has been explained to me before, they can take stuff out, but they can't put it back in.

I would consult, obviously, with your spine doctor/neurologist. It may be something less invasive like injections, or a never oblation where they fry the nerve and it doesn't bother you for a good while until the nerve reroutes/grows back.

My father has had never oblation for his low back due to military injuries. He sems happier with that.

I asked for the possibility of one for my upper/neck area should I need to get injections yet again in 6 months. I was told on that area of the body that only fusing the neck bones together was a permanent solution. But, that would be a career ender. I am not sure this far into my career I want to try to figure out what to do this far along to switch horses, or be the "house husband". That would be a tough pill to swallow, after 10 plus years of being the sole bread winner.

Lower back, from what I have lived vicariously, through my father; however, can usually be done with a never oblation which has provided him with a ton of relief.

Weigh your opitions before leaping in. I know very well, what it is like to have your back hate you and give you nothing but agony as lifetstyle. You want it to end no matter what, but the "no matter what" may not be the best solution.

I know it is hell sleeping, I know it is hell for you sitting and working. I understand. Really I do.

But, I would high recommend you ask for the injection (often temporary) or the never oblation (often more long term), and avoid surgery if you can, because there is no comming back from that one. Once, bone is removed. It is removed.
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