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it's not the bone, its the disc. The disc has apparently split (again, this time to the left of center, 07 was to the right), and some material has escaped and is in the canal.

I spent almost 2 yrs in pain in 05/06 as the docs would simply tell me I'd strained my back, give me a day or two off, and load me on painkillers, muscle relaxers and anti inflams. Finally my wife took me to her chiro, who, after hearing my story, literally went with me to an MRI facility. It was there the first injury was isolated, and then the surgery was performed as I was at max capacity for vic's, demerol, lortabs etc.
Right now, its same thing, right side. I just pressed the genprac into the MRI, as I knew what this felt like right away.
I'm gonna consult w the neurologist, neurosurgeon, and laser spine doc as well. Hell, if there was a witchdoctor local, I'd see him too.
At the time of the first surgery, I was a copper cable phone repair tech. Hanging from hooks, or ladders, or sitting in a spice pit or manhole. Now, I'm a residential fiber comm installer (voice, video, data). I spend most of my day crawling in attics and under trailers. Right now, I'm out as I can't feel the bottom of my left foot or the four outside toes, and the leg is loosing strength by the day. The docs all want the piece of disc out asap, as it can move, thus causing further damage.

King, I really appreciate the input. I will definitely inquire about the oblation route, but as I understand it, that piece of disc has to come out, or risk further nerve damage. I will keep you posted, and I truly appreciate the info.

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