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dango, awsome recovery.
After my first discectomy/laminectomy at L4/L5, I went back to work a month ahead of schedule. Hired a friend who does diet and exercise biz (Mr Olympia competitor), and in 12 weeks, went from 248lbs to 196lbs. I'm a telecom installer, so I spend my day crawling thru attics and under trailers for a living. I will recover, I'm just looking to the most advantageous treatment to get back on my feet. The way the nerve is impinged, its killing the signal to me foot, and now my leg. The strength is no there to stand on my left foot by itself. Pain is not usually an issue. I've lived in about 10% pain since the procedure. But, if I can't stand, I can't work. That's the biggest issue, is removing the extruded disc material, to allow the nerve to send signals properly.

oh, and dango, I've read some of your posts whilst you were apparently still under the influence of painkillers. Very entertaining.
Your story is the kind that keeps me looking forward to the recovery stage.

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