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Originally Posted by hooligan74 View Post
Can you explain the differences? I'm not sure I'm picking them up.
OK, but I understand that there are different ways to look at this. You've seen the two dimensional graph that has belief and knowledge as perpendicularly related concepts. I disagree with that. I see belief and knowledge as a slightly oblique, almost parallel relationship. It may be possible to know some things, but events that happened prior to the first living cell on the planet weren't witnessed by any of us, and no detailed record exists that describes it well. So on the question of whether or not there is a deity, I doubt that many, if any really know. I think a lot of people have belief. So I look at it in a linear fashion. Three main categories, Atheist, Agnostic, and Theist. In between agnostic and the other two would still be an agnostic with tendencies of the other one. I see someone that is really not sure there is a god, but is fairly sure there isn't one, as an atheistic agnostic. An agnostic atheist doesn't make as much sense to me, because the atheist has decided on what to believe.

It makes more sense to me that way, not to others. There may be a tendency to focus on ourselves. An atheist might just naturally believe that agnostics are atheists too. A theist might believe that agnostics and atheists are both heathens and lump them together too. But to me, I see a distinction between agnostic and atheist, especially for the more militant ones.
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