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My father had lamenectomy/discetomy done 2x in Tampa for his cervical spine... 2 separate levels. The first time he had severe radiating pain down his right arm prior to surgery with strength loss and muscular atrophy, surgery helped instantly and according to him has continued to be 95% better since, that was 5 years ago.

Second surgery was about a year later, felt the same symptoms going down his left arm but not nearly as bad. Right after surgery when he still had swelling symptoms got a little worse and within a week he felt much better, no residual issues from that surgery.

My stepfather had his cervical spine done in Philly, similar issues and he too was a success. I'm also a psychiatry resident and as a med student I'd seen many people have residual issues from fusions. Based on my first hand experience I'd feel confident having the surgery.
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