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Originally Posted by certifiedfunds View Post
That's my point actually. 2 possibilities. No answers. Those rejecting supernatural are closed minded.

And I'm not even talking about how life started. I'm more focuses on how it is started every day
What do you mean by "how it is started everyday"? It started once and has perpetuated every day since then.

I don't reject the supernatural. I just assign it a very low probability since it's basically just a theory with no supporting evidence. I don't like people claiming that life not having been created by humans at this point in history somehow suggests that it's an insurmountable problem which points to the probability of a supernatural involvement.

That would suggest that the next big breakthrough in battery chemistry is supernatural because we haven't made it work as of this moment. This is nothing more than going with the theory that has the most supporting evidence behind it as we do in all other aspects of science.
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