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Originally Posted by certifiedfunds View Post
That's my point actually. 2 possibilities. No answers. Those rejecting supernatural are closed minded.
No, those dismissing the supernatural are relying on the number of times something supernatural has been 1. Proven and 2. Proven to be the cause of anything in nature. Both are a big fat goose egg. If there were evidence of supernatural events occurring then the rational thinkers among us might just consider the possibility. But at this point... no such evidence exists... just a bunch of stories, myths, and legends. Until such a time there is simply no need to consider supernatural causes. There's no reason to consider that magic elves created life on this planet. Why? Because there is no evidence that magic elves exist let alone have ever done anything ever.

You are correct the final answer still evades us. But we have mountains of evidence that these things occur naturally in hand A and absolutely ZERO evidence that these things occur supernaturally in hand B. So, safe odds are to go with what keeps producing testable and verifiable data... Hand A.

Religion and the supernatural tell us nothing. Because they are created by men that knew nothing of the natural world. Garbage in... Garbage out.
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