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Originally Posted by Syclone538 View Post
You are right, my mistake. Lets say they display their license, with a sign next to it explaining that it has been revoked and why.
That's still illegal.

I will answer this question, but only after you answer the question I've been trying to get you to answer.
Doesn't have to end in death. We have non-lethal means now of taking people into custody. Tear gas and tasers. Now if they take up a weapon and start shooting... then you gotta drop them.

But it is a voluntary exchange. I said fraud should be illegal. If a patient wants to take a chance on medical care by someone less qualified, that is their choice.
With most things I'd agree with you on this. But not medical care. The difference in knowledge base between the Patient and Doctor is just too great in many cases. And often when submitting yourself for medical treatment you're putting your life in their hands and they NEED to be competent. Even in the actual medical world there are screw ups and serious mistakes and misdiagnosis. Having it unregulated would only amplify that. You wanna go to a Quick Tax Fast Money place to get your taxes done... have at it. You might get screwed in an audit but that's your choice. Unlicensed medical practitioners are illegal for a reason. It can seriously hurt people or even kill them.

(Actually new regulations have been passed to prevent unqualified people from preparing taxes as well. They are now required to take a test every 3 years and have continuing education every year. But the quals are a joke so there are still gonna be a lot of numb skulls out there preparing taxes.)

I said fraud should be illegal.
Because it puts people at risk unknowingly right? Well so do unlicensed medical practitioners. You got some guy giving you a story about a lump you've found, he says it's just a mass and can be removed right there in the office and everything will be fine. You don't know any better... you're not a doctor. You figure he's good to go. Turns out two years later it was cancer. Maybe you could have been saved maybe not but now you're going to die because you were given false assurance. The risk is too high with medical care. And that's not to say you can't be given false assurance at a real Doctor. But there has to be a line of WHO is allowed to practice in certain fields.

In a free market, business that make these serious mistakes would fail very quickly.
Sure, so they move to a new town and put other people at risk. There are horrible people out there man. Sometimes you just gotta go get them.

Are you under the impression that regulation doesn't kill anyone?
Of course not. Over-regulation can be just as dangerous as under-regulation.

I know. I've said many times both here and in GTPI that I'm libertarian almost to the point of being anarchist.
I can appreciate your overall view. I've said often I can get on board with some Libertarian concepts. And I agree more freedom is better. But we draw the line at different places. When a professional's mistake can get you killed... there needs to be some structure there. Some kind of regulation to ensure at least a basic standard of confidence.

No. I do believe in laws on age of consent. Children many times do not understand the consequences of decisions that they make.
And often people don't understand the consequences of unqualified medical care. The knowledge gap is too great in many cases. If you're dealing with a cold... whatever... no big deal. You start talking serious infections, blood poisoning, growths, tumors, heart issues, diabetes, genetic issues... I personally feel the risk is to great to go unregulated.

Originally Posted by Syclone538 View Post
Hey no problem man, I misread one of your posts and was trying to figure out if you were calling me a troll.
No way... it's all good.
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