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Originally Posted by DarkShooter View Post
Im finally gonna work up some full power 10mm handloads for my stock Gen3 20. Ive previously only done FBI loads and 40's for my KKM Precision barrel.
Id like to get 1300fps with 180gr Gold Dots and XTP, and 1200fps with 200gr XTP and FMJ. These are max or near max loads from Speer #12 and Hornady #4 manuals.
Would I be ok with the stock barrel / recoil spring assembly, or should I get an aftermarket barrel/rsa right from the start? Im concerned about the brass smiles and havin a strong enough spring to prevent battering.
Im asking because these are max loads from the manuals, but milder than some loads ive seen suggested. Thx for the help.
It is just my opinion, but max loads I would use a fully supported aftermarket barrel. 200 gr XTP and 13.0 grains of AA#9 would smile in a Glock barrel. I never use a Glock barrel in my G20. Had too many smileys even with some factory ammo
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