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Originally Posted by rustytxrx View Post
It has been in my safe unfired till today. I shot 8 rounds of Underwood 357 Sig 125 gr HP to set the sights.

This evening I'll be in Cool, Texas waiting for my sized pig (~100#).

The pistol is very nice. Trigger, accuracy, reocil very nice. Compensator weight and deflection made recovery quick.

The underwood 357 sig 125 gr hp is bonded. I recovered a bullet shot thru gallon jugs of a slurry of strips of news paper and water. bullet worked great. More in this and pics after I get back. BTW I have a 357 mag 125 gr bullet shot into this type slurry. they look about the same. (shot from a 4" s&w SSR)
Congrats on a great pistol, and hope you bag that pig tonight. The only time I went hog hunting (No. Arkansas) I sat for an hour and a half in freezing October weather without as much as a twitch in the grass. The moonshine was good though.)

I understand that Underwood uses the Speer Gold Dot six-petal .357sig Gold Dot bullet. How many jugs did that bullet penetrate in your tests?

The one and only water jug test I conducted included BVAC downloaded (1300 fps) .357sig Gold Dots that penetrated three jugs and mushroomed perfectly so I'm not surprised you had good results. Good components translate into good ammo if all else is done right.
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