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The laser outfits are tremendously profitable, well marketed and not well respected in the medical field. For a herniated disc in low back, the right ortho is best advice and, state of the art as it is, regular surgery is what seems the recommendation most often.

I just had my low back fused standard style after evaluating laser and all other options. I am a friends with my ortho, have known him for 20 plus years and trust him completely. We, together, looked at films and discussed options. He explained that I had so much crap going on and he would have to dig out other neural foramina along with the herniation, that fusion was the best choice. I agreed. Post surgery, he told me it was a real mess, worse than he thought from the films.

I was stubbing my toe and occasionally falling from the herniation. That stopped day of surgery. My gut and research told me the laser thing was not the answer. It does not sound like you're a candidate for nerve ablation, you just have a bad herniation with an extrusion into the spinal canal which is directly impinging the nerve and the herniation needs to be removed for the radiating pain to stop. The question might be fusion or not because of instability after just removal of the disc.

The right doctor is so important here. Nurses, other doctors, anesthesia folks and hospital risk management people are good sources for discovering who is the preferred "cutter" locally. Find out who your local doctors treat with, not just who they have a referral arrangement with.

I wish you luck and success with the surgery, but laser doesn't seem the answer.
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