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Ahhhh.... the back and neck.

I can only say - Get A Sports Medicine Based Back/Spine Doctor!!!

I am a 3 level cervical surgery candidate - C4/5, C5/6, C6/7 - for a "laminectomy". It was *urgent* that I get this done... Got the news on November 27th, and they could have me in and out on Dec 15th! If I don't get it done I would probably never walk again if I was involved in an auto accident... Recovery would be 6 to 8 weeks.

That was 13 years ago.

I got a second opinion from the 2000 Olympic Ski Team Dr - He remarked that the proposed surgery was a very effective and efficient surgery - for the surgeon.

But Mr. Seeber the proposed surgery has nothing to do with what you need.

He proposed discectomy with micro fusion - 2 to 4 days out of work with lifting restrictions (that's a given)

Got lots of PT and a Pain Dr - and got about 10 years in that way...

Moving to Arizona was THE *Silver Bullet*.

No pain. Issues are not resolved, but at least I don't hurt.

The real *proof* for me was my Dental Hygienist got the laminectomy - called me and begged me to get it done! I was almost going to go for it, but the second opinion really got my attention.

Within 3 months I found out that the Dental Hygienist was now permanently disabled - she returned to work early, and it screwed up the work.

THE WHOLE POINT IS - Get The Second Opinion!

I will have to get surgery one day, and I am headed back to Reno Nv which may change my current pain status... yet to be seen. At least I will be back in the area where they know my issues.

I guess I will have to get it done before Dr. Rappaport retires... (LOL)

But GET the second opinion from the Sports Doctor if at all possible.

God Bless
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