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Originally Posted by rustytxrx View Post
pistol shooting is a game of billards. Shot angles are half the game and the target positions is everthing else assuming you can hit the spot. I did hit the spot or very close to it and the target was in very good position (near front leg forward, etc)

from entry to exit was about 13". bullet recovered from ground on off side about 4" deep at about 20 degree angle into soft soil bank. pig fell 10 yds away but had taken a circular route of maybe 15 to 20 yds.

From the post mortem, I got exactly the results I would have expected from the shot. pig was somewhere between 100 and 120 pounds judged by 3 guys who do this a lot.

pigs lack any mental or emotional shock value. It really takes a lot of energy to stone one. maybe a 44 mag, 454 or 500 but I don't think any defensvie semi auto rounds is going to do it from a chest shot.

BTW I had to stop in Weatherford, TX gun store to get some .357 Sig cartridges cause I left the Underwoods on my gun bench (they had 12 boxes). I shot Winchester PDX1 125 HP. No bones were hit. Recovered bullet diameter was 0.54" (widest).

This adds no useable info to the discussion really save that for a hunting round the .357 Sig ballastics are exactly what you get. Nothing magic but not bad if you can hit the spot.

Package states muzzle velocity 1350fps, 5 yd - 1332fps, 25yd - 1262fps. Shot was at 12 yds

Interesting none the less, thanks.
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