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These are my free "if it were me" suggestions:

Ditch the Shears and put that pocket-knife in a "pocket"

Remove the IFAK off the side and if you feel like you simply must carry it, mount it on the front/beside your mag pouches in a break-away med pouch from 5.11, condor or itstactical.

If your primary defense rifle is a AK variant, then ditch the shotgun shells. If a shotgun is a secondary defense weapon, then mount a shell side-saddle on its receiver. It is after all (a secondary)

Lots of patches make a space busy to the eye and takes away from your bloodtype patch. If you are trying to draw attn to your bloodtype patch, I would put the red cross side by side with it and get rid of all the other morale patches. I would probably have a bloodtype on a bracelet or boot tab- As your plate carrier will be tossed aside if someone has to work on you.
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