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Originally Posted by SARDG View Post
I have been on this forum for several years recommending against purse-carry. If a bad guy wants your wife's purse, he will have it. I'm a tall gal, in pretty good shape, and in much better shape 20 years ago when my purse was snatched from my grip. I fought him for it, but was eventually dragged down the parking lot while holding onto the side of the 'getaway' car. Fortunately... that was before my days of conceal carry or a gun would have likely been in my purse.

If your wife chooses to carry in a purse she will need a new level of perpetual heightened vigilance. Women's purses are targets for bad guys, even when the BGs have no idea a gun may be inside. Therefore, women are trusting that they will be able to secure or use that gun when needed, but working from a carry rig that already screams "take me" on an ongoing basis.

In addition, women (we) tend to hang our purses over chair backs or put them on the floor at our feet in restaurants... or in shopping carts at the supermarket, or desk drawers at work. Your wife will not be able to do those things if she purse carries, and when a BG wants that purse bad enough, he'll also be capable of ripping it right off the shoulder and neck of your wife and taking it. Crime is often swift and violent.

Some carry purses allow the wearer to keep their hand tucked into the purse in an inconspicuous manner, with the gun at the ready, or even gripped, ready to pull and shoot, or shoot through if necessary. But let the wearer not train with the purse, not expect to encounter a BG, not keep their guard up 100% of the time... that purse with "take me" on the side will be gone. This is why I carry on my person.

Personal on-body carry for women presents other challenges. Women's fashions typically fit our bodies in a more form-fitting manner than gentlemen, and our jean pockets are the size of postage stamps. The P-32 is ridiculously small, but will still probably require an overblouse if used with an IWB (which she doesn't want) or even pocket carry holster.

Clearly, daily carry requires some dedication and forethought. I can't give you a right answer; only food for thought.
My wife has slowly come to the conclusion that she will carry hers on her most of the time for the same reasons you listed. Her only reason for a carry purse is for those few occasions where having it on her presents is highly cumbersome I.e gym clothes, that quick run to the grocery store has station/ gas station at 10 or 11 at night in pajamas, etc. she has always been very religious about buying purses with a strap long enough to go over head and on the opposite shoulder but you still make very good arguments.

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