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Originally Posted by Mrs.Cicero View Post
...The other issue is the extra weight of the gun. That sounds like nothing, but it was the straw that broke the camel's back for me - literally screwing up my back, the weight of a lovely leather purse plus the gun, and all the other stuff I usually carried in my purse. I had to change the type of purse I would normally carry, in order to keep the weight to something reasonable...
I had exactly the same problem. I developed back problems from something - not even sure how. But when I brought my purse into the Physical Therapist appointment and she picked it up, she told me I'll need to get rid of that weight - and I didn't have my gun in it at the time! I have since tried to quit carrying a purse altogether, or at least minimize the weight when I need to. Regardless, my gun doesn't go in the purse.

...and to lpo, the longish strap over the head and opposite shoulder is probably the most secure way - but an older lady last year here in Florida, who had her purse seemingly well-secured, was knocked down and dragged several feet - trying to hang on presumably. She later died from the head injury. Bad guys have nothing to lose and don't consider the consequences of their actions. Remember... violent and swift!
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