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Originally Posted by Glock 1 View Post
Wow, so much has happened since I posted last. Here is an update.

I sold the Bersa and the 308 is on Gunbroker for sale. I almost had my G19 (waited to long to pull the trigger) when all this craziness hit. I did manage to snag a Gen 4 G17 and got it today. I also got a Taurus 66 357 Mag with a 4" barrel coming. I got a great deal on it and I have alot of 38 ammo now that I inherited so it should be good.

The G17:
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I got some extra G17 mags on order and 2 Gen4 G19's. That will give me a 9mm every member in my house can fire efficiently. I also have a Ruger 22/45 Lite on order. I decided to go with Ruger for reliability. The more I researched "knock off 22's" the more issues I found with them. I have 2k rounds of each caliber on order with my distributor and I have about 40 pmags now. This little safe of mine is getting crowded. I think it is about time to move the ammo out and make it for guns only.

My prepping is going slow but it is going. I have lots of canned foods from beans, veggies, and meats. I have lots of dry grains and saving some seeds up slowly. I have all my medical supplies and have managed to stash a 30 day supply of my most important prescriptions. All in all I think I could sustain my house for about 2 weeks of not leaving the house and then maybe 2 more of minimal contact. Of course, if the shtf then I am sure my plan will play out in every way EXCEPT the way I hope it will. lol
Good job! The only thing better than a good idea tossed around online is actually doing it! You are on a good path Glock 1.

I bought a quantity of pmags and KCI G19 mags the night after the school shooting and having used the KCI mags for years I would highly recommend them to you. They cost $8 and are used by the South Korean army and many people here.
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