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Originally Posted by sgtbones View Post
I disagree if you are federal, and you are not carrying a duty weapon than you are not covered, all fed officer fall under 2.15 not 2.10 or 1.20 in the nys penal code. 2.10 and 1.20 only exempts ny police and peace officers . 2.15 lumps all fed law officers powers with the exception on sub section h which is the powers to possess and take custody of firearms not owned by the peace officer.
The LEOSA was amended in 2010 to include specifically, active and honorably retired "law enforcement or police officers of the executive branch of the Federal Government". There are also some other amendments that went into effect January 1 of this year. Fortunately, it appears they are regularly expanding the scope of the act, rather than the more typical reeling in. None of this is associated with federal enforcement cooperative agreements with state and local authorities. It is intended to prevent lawful officers and lawful retired officers from having to disarm within local jurisdictions. A federal officer entering a local jurisdiction while conducting official enforcement business would still follow their cooperative agreements, however, they wouldn't be required to disarm under any [lawful] circumstance.
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