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Originally Posted by Cavalry Doc View Post
The issue is that you are trying to argue that because some people that you don't agree with use a certain argument, that I need to subscribe to it also.
I have done nothing of the kind.

So, when you achieve complete consensus that Atheism Is a Religion in GTRI, I'll go with your argument.
My position is that atheism is not a religion, but you'll go with my argument when everyone agrees it's a religion?

That makes no sense whatsoever. I suppose it could mean that you're tacitly admitting that you're arguing that atheism is a religion simple because you want to be oppositional, and if everyone agreed with you you'd pick the other position. Would you like to clarify?

Cherry picking from the courts finding is no better than cherry picking from any other opinion you don't agree with that is not mine.
I'm not cherry picking. The Supreme Court ruled that freedom of religion requires that non-belief (which includes agnosticism, by the way, even by the definition you use) be afforded the same First Amendment protections as belief. Therefore, courts use a definition of "religious" that includes non-belief. That is different than saying non-belief is religious in the way a lay person uses the word 'religious'.

In the nicest way I can say it, when you want to debate, debate with the fellow you are conversing with, not some other guy you heard about once upon a time......

Well, apparently you're just some guy I heard about once upon a time, and not the person I was attempting to converse with.

Unless you didn't actually post what you posted?
"The human mind is seldom satisfied, and is not justifiable by any natural process whatsoever, as regards geometry, our universe differs only slightly from a long-term, bi-directional, single trait selection experiment." -- Maxwell/Einstein/Johansson

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