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Originally Posted by Cavalry Doc View Post
Point is, because some theists have made an argument, I should not be held to their reasoning (or lack thereof)

I'm not holding you to the reasoning of some random theists. I'm holding you to your statement about a court ruling, and attempting to explain why your claim that I am using the same logic is in fact INCORRECT.

See, I didn't claim that some guys over here said one thing and those guys over there said another, and that they all have to say the same thing.

I claimed that the *same* guys said one thing here and the *same* guys said another there.

Do you get it?
"The human mind is seldom satisfied, and is not justifiable by any natural process whatsoever, as regards geometry, our universe differs only slightly from a long-term, bi-directional, single trait selection experiment." -- Maxwell/Einstein/Johansson

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