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Originally Posted by void * View Post
I'm not holding you to the reasoning of some random theists. I'm holding you to your statement about a court ruling, and attempting to explain why your claim that I am using the same logic is in fact INCORRECT.

See, I didn't claim that some guys over here said one thing and those guys over there said another, and that they all have to say the same thing.

I claimed that the *same* guys said one thing here and the *same* guys said another there.

Do you get it?
You are trying to be slippery, but it's not working.

Funny, but somehow lame in the same way. Try going back to post 51, and then slowly reading from there.

Originally Posted by Cavalry Doc View Post
ID is simply another claim about how life began. Yes, there are some theists that argue that ID is a scientific claim. If that seals the deal, lets use that same logic in another way.

There are no less than two atheist churches, is atheism a religion? Can we finally agree on that and put that little tiny issue behind us?
A court ruled that atheism was a person's religion, and that it was deserving of the same protections.

Same logic. Some over here use this argument, so you must use it too.
I wasn't a judge on that court, but I did ask you to use the same arguments and logic, and acquiesce to the same conclusions they came to, in the same way you were trying to get me to do with someone else's arguments.

And we haven't even touched on the fact that the arguments you wish me to take responsibility for are those of theists. I aren't one [sic]. If I was going to be accurate, I would be asking you why you think it's OK to kill innocent New Yorkers by flying planes into their building.

Take several steps back, and try to approach this debate in an honest manner.
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