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Originally Posted by Cavalry Doc View Post
Post 292 tap dances around the edges of it. Wasn't there a thread about religiously believing in science and how evolution cannot be true recently.
Originally Posted by Gunhaver View Post
Public acceptance of science is absolutely based on beliefs. Discoveries are made but you can only get people to act on those discoveries if they "believe" those discoveries are true. I could argue with someone all day that 5+5=10 but if they refuse to believe that because some bible verse or political pundit that they would prefer to believe says otherwise then I can't help them. Their "belief" that it does not =10 will continue to negatively affect them and anyone they can convince otherwise. It will also negatively affect plenty who do believe that if the non-believers are great enough in number and have enough clout.

So you say that you're not sure about common ancestry with apes which means that you don't fully accept the conclusions of the many whom are far more knowledgeable on the subject than you. Being convinced enough that you don't try to dissuade others from believing it is all I'm concerned about. Anything beyond that is just a matter of how much you really want to understand it.

As for the Big Band, here's video evidence,

Swing - Best of The Big Bands (1/3) - YouTube
I don't see how this post makes the argument that since evolution happens, supernatural deities can't exist. Perhaps you could either explain how it tap dances around that claim or provide a more on point example.
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