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Murphies Law,Dang...!

My furnace went on the fritz about 7:30 PM. last night and I been up all night tryin to keep two wimminz from turning into
"Popsickles" ! Good thing I got plenty of wood and three fire places!
It got down to 3 degrees this morning and the repair guy will be here between 7:oo AM. - 6:00 PM..?!
Guess I keep stoken the fires till he gits here. Good thing I'm all healed up,it's actually kind of fun. By the time them wimminz git up,I'll be wearin a loin cloth and grunt-tin.

Fire...Good..Augh...(Twitch),Didn't effect me none , (Twitch)..dango need food..Augh , woman , Augh......! Cro-dango...? ...(Twitch)..(Pffffpht-eth)..!
7:oo AM. - 6:00 PM. ? Hmmm.?-(Twitch).....Pffff-est..!

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