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Thank you. I was taking a look at the Moab 6 as well on YT. It looks to be bigger than the Remora Gearslinger. If that's the case I would kinda like to go smaller, providing it still carries my G19/23 size weapon. I have the UTG messenger bag for a more sizable carry option which looks around the same size as the Moab 6, perhaps slightly smaller?

I'd even be interested in one of the Max clones if the quality is there. The UTG is excellent with the exception of the buckle like I mentioned in the EDC thread. But it was an easy fix and brought the overall price down to $19 which is hard to beat! I've seen various clones on Ebay like Airsoft and Molle Tactical that looks the same. I don't think the Airsoft has velcro in the rear pocket though according to one of the sellers. I'm going to try and hit the flea market this weekend as they have a few vendors that sell all kinds of bags and such. This way maybe I can compare quality, size and features. Some of these knock-offs are in the $15-$30 range. If the quality and features aren't there then I'll spring for the $70's that I'm seeing on Ebay and Amazon.

All comments welcome, particularly if you have used the rear compartment for CCW. Thanks.
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