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Originally Posted by Cavalry Doc View Post
I know, really big numbers. Really big guesses too, with a lot of variances and a large margin of error too.

The possibilities are remote enough for either side to be completely sure, if they evaluate it all together. It's not a collection of just elements, but a collection of structures and data containing materials that interact remotely within a single cell, one small defect, one hole in the wrong place, one channel that pushes electrolytes in the wrong direction, and none of it works at all. And, once you got all that stuff together, making it in such a way that it could replicate itself, that's pretty remote too.
So you're agreeing that really unlikely things become, effectively, more likely when you repeat the scenario billions of times, right?

Originally Posted by Cavalry Doc View Post
However it started, it is rather amazing. It would be cool to know for sure, but it's not necessary to have a good day today.
Absolutely agreed with all three points above.
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