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Originally Posted by 2afreedom View Post
Yeah a guy with a Glock hat, photographer's vest, fannypack, and 5.11 pants is really not doing much to conceal anything. I don't think I have one piece of clothing with a firearms logo on it and I certainly don't have any 5.11 anything. Why someone wants to wear all those flashing lights that scream, "I have a gun!" is beyond me. Concealed is more than just not having a Desert Eagle strapped to your hip.
Nobody but CCWers and IDPA shooters and about half of cops recognize that any of that stuff indicates you have a gun. You can put Colt and S&W and anything else all over your 5.11 vest and non-shooters, including criminals, won't get it.
Anti-gun liberals can only call us idiots; it takes an idiot with a gun to prove them right.
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