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Originally Posted by Any Cal. View Post
As usual, something's funny, and all I can do is check to see if I need a shower or something.

Originally Posted by Any Cal. View Post
So the question is... would have there have been less damage if he was using the factory barrel?

Kbs in the stock barrel don't look like that, at least that I have seen.
Aftermarket parts always make for uncertain test results. Now, how many mystery variables do we have?
1) How much powder was used.
2) KKM barrel vs. factory barrel
4) The applied physics implications of chaos theory
5) Temperature
6) Altitude
7) Powder batch

My only experiences with kabooms in a Glock left the gun functional, and my hand stinging for months. Note the load listed at the link below is not advisable to use. It is from an old Speer manual and is nearly a grain higher than anything I can find in a modern manual.

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