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What a time to be surrounded by gun totin , bullet flingin red necks,I bein one of em...!

Got me a phone call from the fix-it guy,he can't make it tonite.

Think of the Andy Griffin Show and Mayberry,well,that's where I live ,damn near.

Does this "rattle" me? Nope. I spent three hours this AM. gittin fire wood to all three fire-places,just in case.

Mama didn't raise no fool,just slightly insane.
I guess this would be that "Just in case moment"!

It is supposed to go down to -3 tonite with 20 MPH winds,
wind chill,approx.-22,Yeap,that would be MINUS 22 DEGREES BELOW ZERO.

Does this "Shake me" nope,"Cro-dango"!

Fire...Good...Augh...! (Twitch)..Pffft-est..!

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