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Originally Posted by Paul53 View Post
Don't go outside in just your loin cloth and grunt tin (WTF that is). With that low a temp, you'll have a difficult (almost said hard) time finding wood.
^You axed! GRUNT TIN:- Low frequencies,guttural,vocal "AUGH", Like when your constipated , but ,not crappin ? Just same satisfaction, but,no "DE-LOAD" function.Jovial
"AUGH or DAUH",similar emotional expression,satisfaction,contentment,etc.!

One grunt,worth a thousand pictures!

"DE-GRUNT TIN":-A "Hic-up",in reverse,(IN) , unlike "Grunt tin",(OUT),OK?

"Finding wood",I assure yoo,27 years later , my wife knows where I hide it!.............AUGH...! I feel betterer already!
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