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Originally Posted by Bren View Post
Nobody but CCWers and IDPA shooters and about half of cops recognize that any of that stuff indicates you have a gun. You can put Colt and S&W and anything else all over your 5.11 vest and non-shooters, including criminals, won't get it.
Might as well cut down on those "in the know" anyway. Just because they are fellow CCW or IDPA, doesn't meant that they should know either.

One of the pieces of advice I got, that is also an internet meme, is: When in combat, try to look unimportant, the enemy may be low on ammunition.

Do I have tacticool stuff. Yes. I even have pants that have tourniquets in the legs at two different levels. I bought them as a joke for under $20 on clearance, but they would work. Would I pull them out and put them on after the 19th zombie I killed at the front door? Maybe. Maybe even after the third one.

It's OK to have tacti-cool stuff, and there is a proper place and time to wear that stuff. I wear multi-pocketed pants when out at the ranch hunting. No one looks twice, as most of us are active duty, Veterans or family members of veterans. No one blinks twice at an AR 10 or AR 15 either.

But in the mall, let the security guard look the coolest.

Carry Issues

Especially if you have all that stuff because your favorite action figure has it.......

. Google it.
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