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More models out and more coming. I was contacted by Remington and have sent them some ideas and parts for a new model which I am very excited about, but I can't spill the beans.

My original VM ran 1250 rounds, out of the box, no lube, no cleaning, no failures of any kind. I am aware of one VM that would not run some of the lighter loads, but it is on the way back to Remington and they are taking care of it. Will get back the details when the owner reports back. The one I have set up for 3Gun took all the mods at once (usually not a great idea), put back together and ran 100 rounds of a highly mixed bag (2.5 dram 2.5" at 950 fps, to 2 ounce magnum 3" loads at 1650 fps) with no malfunctions or any kind.
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