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Originally Posted by Taterhead View Post
The way that barrel pealed back kind of reminds me of how CanyonMan's barrel Kaboomed a few years ago. That was a stock barrel that he had purchased second hand. Win Silvertip factory round on that. Did any of you catch CanyonMan's thread on that. It has been 3-4 years.
Yes it was the start of our more personal conversations because I was studing KB's very closely...he shared his experience via personal e-mails as our friendship grew.

MinervaDoe writes 1) hot Blue Dot load, 2) OLD BRASS, and 2) cold weather was
just enough to push it over the edge.
Do you think that the slide could have open early, allowing the casing to start the blow out with those 9's?

Old brass can contribute also as noted...sometimes chemicals can attack the brass on a molecular level such as ammonia.

There were warnings about cool temps and Blue Dot, however those temps were said to be at or below 0 degrees F.

If you still have the casings and barrel, with the barrel removed you could slide the cases back into the chamber to see if it exceeds the original head spacing, to indicate slide movement that increased the area of unsupport at the feed ramp.
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