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Bullseye is great for a lot of applications. I have loaded and shot a lot of it in 9mm and 38spl, but not on a progressive press. I have to visually check the case fill before I start seating bullets, otherwise my nerves couldn't stand it.

Originally Posted by MinervaDoe View Post
The load worked fine for me for years. Then, one night, the indoor range was venting in cold outdoor air (40 degrees) and the kaboom happened. I took the rest of my ammo home and dismantled and weighed their powder charges. The ones that I weighed were spot on. I figured, 1) hot Blue Dot load, 2) OLD BRASS, and 2) cold weather was just enough to push it over the edge.
I don't mean to hijack this thread, but I had an interesting experience with Blue Dot last month, and would like to get your opinion on it. I recently ran my original 1lb can dry, but before I did, I wanted to chrony some test loads with the last of that lot to make sure the new lot was giving me the same performance. Mainly because my old lot seemed slow compared to numbers I have seen posted here (can't get a 180 to 1200fps with 11.0gr and standard primer), and I didn't want to try any of my existing load data with the new lot without first checking.

So, I loaded up some .40S&W loads with 150gr. Noslers, 5 of the old lot of BD and 5 of the new lot of BD. I hadn't shot this load, and was killing two birds with one stone, trying to get a starting point for some new .40 150gr. loads. I shot these out of my G20 with a LWD .40 conversion barrel on a day with temps in the mid 40's. Surprisingly, both loads were WAY hotter than I expected (by 55 to 120+ fps), but the 5 shot strings with the old lot averaged 67.6fps faster than the new lot. Same brass, same primers, same bullets, same OAL, loaded on the same dies within 20 minutes of each other. Only difference was old BD vs. new BD.

Anyway, it looks like the max load data for 10mm 180gr (11.0) was slow with the old lot. I haven't tried it yet with the new lot, but I expect it will be slower still. However, in 40S&W and 9mm, the old lot performed exceptionally well, exceeding the published data (slightly for the 9mm, radically for the .40S&W).

Are you guys also saying that BD is inverse temperature sensitive, too? Maybe because all my 10mm BD loads have been shot during warm weather, I don't know. But if that's the case, then I won't be doing anymore BD max load development unless the weather is cold out. I'm also beginning to wonder if the pressure in Blue Dot loads starts to increase in a non-linear fashion as the charge is increased.

Anyway, I really like the performance that Blue Dot gives with certain loads (7.9gr under a 124 JHP 9mm ran 1227fps from a 5" barrel), but my confidence is a little shaky using it near max loads now, based on what I've experienced lately and now this KB info from MinervaDoe. I'm thinking of dropping that 7.9gr/124gr 9mm load from my "good loads" list.
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