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Still no furnace , no fix-it guy and at this point , I don't really care.
This is as good a time as any to check my skills and get that old lady through this as comfortable as possible.
I am more than capable and know that .She's sleeping like an 89 year old , 180lbs. baby and it makes me smile ..!

It's been a while , but not that long and you never forget what you already know . Armageddon , that would be me .

Hooo Yaaa..! I like it..! Cro-Armageddon-Dango , Mo Fo..!
Called two other companies to look at furnace..!
Maybe they will come , maybe not...!

In two days , they're talkin "Freezing-Rain"..! Living in the forest means for some , no power..!

If they need help , I will be there ..! If,n the fix-it guy needs help , guess what.......?

PS: It's 4:37 AM and I'm doin the Vampire shift , All is well..A-OK.

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