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Originally Posted by HerrGlock View Post
Tell you what, there are at least 19 states that require zero shooting test prior to issuing a CCW permit.
There are only slightly fewer states that require ZERO training at all (WA, AL, PA, DE, come to mind immediately) and more than that where a hunting safety course is all that is required before issuing a CCW permit.

If you can prove, by actual numbers from the state sites, that the states that require training have fewer bad shootings and/or fewer innocents shot, you may have a point.

Hell, I challenge you to tell which states require what kind or lack of training strictly by bad and/or illegal use of firearms by CCW holders.

I'm betting you've never really looked into it that far, you're just going on what you believe and feel is true. Problem is, your beliefs and feelings have no basis in reality. I'm serious, look it up for yourself and see if you can show anyone that CCW holders in any state have so many bad shoots that there is a good argument for more training required.

Indiana has had concealed carry for longer than most of the 50 states, no training, no classes.. and frankly, it's just not really an issue that even makes a blip on the news. I remember a few years ago a guy dropped a "derringer" in a restaurant and it went off, and hit him in the hip.

Been a while since I've read about a CCW'er having an ND.
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