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Originally Posted by Brian Lee View Post
The energy of the 10MM round is just fine, but the G29 is so short that there's no way I'd consider the sights accurate enough to hunt with. It's designed for close up self defense and that's about it. No deer is going to walk up to within 10 feet of you.

To shoot at an animal at longer distances with a G29 would mean you'd be taking what I consider to be wild, unethical shots where you cannot even begin to have enough certainty of doing humane kills. You'd probably just wind up being the bozo who lets a lot of wounded animals get away to die slowly in the brush, and you'd never find them.

Hunting is a game where it's important to use the right tool for the job because otherwise, it's immoral, and is very unlikely to bag you a freezer full of meat anyway, so why do it?

So to answer your last post, it's Accuracy Accuracy Accuracy that is the reason you should only use your G29 for hunting two legged criminals in your house, and not 4 legged animals in the woods.

Also, big cats (and small ones too) can be very hard to kill, don't usually go down quickly, and just generally go nuts when shot. No way I'd shoot one at pistol distances even if I did it with a rifle. I'd much rather it was about 100 yards away so I can stay safe while it spends the last 30 seconds of it's life looking like a tornado of fur and claws. If you'd ever seen it happen, you would not want to risk being anywhere near even a wounded bobcat, and even if it's only going to live for another few seconds. They only need one second to jump on your face slash your neck open.

Pigs though, different story. This country has such a pig problem that it's about the only animal where I'd say I couldn't care less if a wounded pig got away and never got put in the freezer.

There are very few creatures on our planet that are as dangerous as a wounded big cat. All these guys have given you awesome advice... buy yourself a nice rifle.
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